Bombshell prints line art
1. Stripper Jubilee
2. Domino
3. Misty Knight
4. Rachel Summers
These prints will be on sale at my storenvy shop

Sketch cards. Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord. And Thor. $50 for the Guardians set and $20 for Thor

Cause I can’t tell you how many times the Gap has changed my life. I’m so glad they have a fucking tumblr.
Bombshells print series

Hey people,
I am currently working on pieces for a new print series featuring comic book femme fatales done up sexy like in my art style. I want to have diversity in this project. So I am looking for characters that are women of color. Who would you want to see given the Bombshells treatment?

More Bombshells prints line art.
1 & 2. Anya Corazon Spider-Girl 2
3. Trashy stripper Jubilee
4. Rachel Summers

Well be on sale at my storenvy shop

New Bombshells prints line art:
1. Wonder Woman
2. Harley Quinn
3. Powergirl (Marilyn Monroe inspired)
4. Blaxploitation Power Storm

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New print project in the works

Currently I am on my second piece for a new print project that should include some iconic ideology mixed with current attitude. All female characters are being used to showcase my art style and comic book knowledge.

Sketch cards from ACE 2014: Batman, Agnew as Dr Who, Loki, Harley Quinn, Tom Servo, Crow T Robot and Grrry as Rosie the Riviter

Sketches for four members of Broken Diamond Burlesque of Albuquerque, NM